Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Kevin had a nice Father's Day. Believe it or not, this is actually his 3rd Father's Day. Mason and I made a big breakfast of french toast and link sausage. It seems my special breakfast is always french toast, but we all like it. I should venture out next time. HA!

Mason gave Daddy a digital meat thermometer that is a fork. Very easy to use and since we grill out more during the summer months, I thought this would be the perfect gift.

I also made Kevin a book from My Publisher (thanks to Shelley's recommendation). It took weeks to make, but was worth it. Even with my typo, Kevin loved the book. What a great gift idea and a treasure for years to come.

This is Kevin's favorite Father's day gift.....Snuggle time with Mason.

Happy Father's Day Daddy. We love you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time Out or NOT

Kevin and I have recently started using "time-out" for Mason. I don't like it at all and of course, neither does Mason. Honestly, I don't think he understands what is going on anyway. I know that he understands "NO", but he doesn't listen. He is really into throwing things in the house (especially balls). Most of the time we correct him and say "no, we only throw outside" and "you roll the ball in the house". BUT on one particular occasion, he threw his sippy cup right at my head, hitting me and my glasses. Not good! This time Daddy put him in time-out.

So we put one of his chairs in the kitchen, next to the counter, and decided this will be his time out when we are home.

I'm in the kitchen, cooking as usual, Mason gets in his chair, stands up, and says "I help. I cook." Oh Boy!! I couldn't help, but laugh.

Mason this is supposed to be your time-out chair. You're not in time-out. "No, I help, Mommy"! My goodness, what a ham.

Monday, June 06, 2011

More birthday pictures

Mason enjoyed his party so much this year! I'm sure each year, he will become more involved. He loved having everyone there to celebrate with him.

Mason was really into opening his gifts this year too! As soon as he opened one, he wanted to start playing with the toy right away. Paw Paw couldn't get the toys out of the packages fast enough.

He really liked this 4-wheeler from Dad and Dee Dee. Once he opened it, he was sitting on it the entire time.

Who cares about the cards Mommy. I'm ready to open another gift.

HMMMM, Cake!!

What an expression! I think, he told Daddy that he wasn't going to share his cupcake.

I would say that he enjoyed his cupcake just as much as he enjoyed his party.

What a lucky little boy. He got so many wonderful gifts for his birthday this year. A swing set, books, 4-wheeler, a beach ball sprinkler, 3 D bubble maker,
"big trucks", and clothes. Thanks to everyone who help celebrate Mason's 2nd birthday!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Splish, Splashin' Fun

Mason's birthday party was on Saturday, June 4th at our house. Even though he wasn't a good host (disappearing with Papa) (HA!), he had a ball. All of his cousins (Jake, Spence, Caity, and Ali) came to his party. Along with his Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, and his best buddy Chase. We set up his pool and the kids had fun.

Even though it was another 90 + degree day. Everyone seemed to have a good time!

The theme, this year, was a backyard beach party and it was just that. With the pool set up outside, the chips served in beach buckets, and using primary colors all over the place, we all had a 'splish, splashin' time. HA!

A few folks asked me during the party how I made the banner and cupcake toppers. Easy....using MS Publisher. You can create any size circle that you want. I used 2" circles for the cupcake topper and 5 1/2" for the banner. The letters I printed out using our color printer and card stock paper. The striped and circle paper was just card stock paper that I cut into circles 1/2" bigger than the letter circles. Then I hole punch both sides of the circles and tied them together using very thin fabric ribbon. The whole banner probably cost me about $5 or less. I refuse to buy something if I can make it myself. Especially if I can make for half the price. Call me cheap or thrifty, but it works.

You guys also asked where do I get my ideas. Well, some of them I just think about or come up with myself. Some of them I'll get from other blogs or websites. For example, if I want a specific idea, I google it. Go to google, type in 'diy primary birthday banner'. I like to click on images so I can see it before I go to the actual website. You'll be amazed at the ideas you can come up with on your own.

Some of our balloons popped (for some reason, it was all of the blue ones) during the heat, but they were still cute.

Happy 2nd Birthday Mason! Mommy and Daddy love you!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Yummy, cupcakes!

Mason had a great day on his actual birthday. We went shopping, ordered cupcakes for his party, bought a giant cupcake for him to eat after dinner, and we ate at McDonald's. He was a happy camper. He ate 4 chicken nuggets and almost an entire apple pie. When it was all gone, he kept saying "apple". It's gone buddy. He said "NOOOOOO", "Apple". He took a great nap too!

Here is the cupcake before it was demolished!

I'm all done, get me out of here!

The cupcake after
That was a messy bath night. We had to rinse him off in the tub, drain the water, and then start all over so that we could get him washed. He sure did have a ball eating that cupcake. He say's, "ummmm, good, Mommy!".

Mason says, "I two"!

Happy Birthday Mason!

We sure have enjoyed the past two years watching you grow into a toddler.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much!