Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time Out or NOT

Kevin and I have recently started using "time-out" for Mason. I don't like it at all and of course, neither does Mason. Honestly, I don't think he understands what is going on anyway. I know that he understands "NO", but he doesn't listen. He is really into throwing things in the house (especially balls). Most of the time we correct him and say "no, we only throw outside" and "you roll the ball in the house". BUT on one particular occasion, he threw his sippy cup right at my head, hitting me and my glasses. Not good! This time Daddy put him in time-out.

So we put one of his chairs in the kitchen, next to the counter, and decided this will be his time out when we are home.

I'm in the kitchen, cooking as usual, Mason gets in his chair, stands up, and says "I help. I cook." Oh Boy!! I couldn't help, but laugh.

Mason this is supposed to be your time-out chair. You're not in time-out. "No, I help, Mommy"! My goodness, what a ham.

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