Monday, June 06, 2011

More birthday pictures

Mason enjoyed his party so much this year! I'm sure each year, he will become more involved. He loved having everyone there to celebrate with him.

Mason was really into opening his gifts this year too! As soon as he opened one, he wanted to start playing with the toy right away. Paw Paw couldn't get the toys out of the packages fast enough.

He really liked this 4-wheeler from Dad and Dee Dee. Once he opened it, he was sitting on it the entire time.

Who cares about the cards Mommy. I'm ready to open another gift.

HMMMM, Cake!!

What an expression! I think, he told Daddy that he wasn't going to share his cupcake.

I would say that he enjoyed his cupcake just as much as he enjoyed his party.

What a lucky little boy. He got so many wonderful gifts for his birthday this year. A swing set, books, 4-wheeler, a beach ball sprinkler, 3 D bubble maker,
"big trucks", and clothes. Thanks to everyone who help celebrate Mason's 2nd birthday!

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