Monday, July 09, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was another HOT one.  Thank goodness, it appears we may have a break from the triple digits going into this week.  We have tried to keep Mason occupied without going outside much.  

Friday, Mason worked on using a big boy cup.  He definitely wants to do everything himself these days. "I do it myself"!  I have to set my OCD aside and just let him make a mess.  WOW!  That is so hard for me.  So, we are both learning. 

There wasn't much juice in his cup, and of course, he spilled most of it, but OH How Excited He Was! 

"I did it Mommy"  "I did it myself"! It's a work in progress, you know? 

Desperate times, call for desperate measures!  I'm just grasping at straws on this whole potty training thing!  This is my first baby, I obviously don't know how to potty train, so I'm taking every suggestion I can get, along with searches on baby center's website.

Friday I went to Target and loaded up on some special treats.  Not only for potty training, but also for good behavior. 

We put everything in the bowl and showed Mason.  He was so excited.  We sat him down and tried to explain how these special treats worked.  Trying to explain to a three year old.  What in the world were we thinking?!

"Can I have the truck"?  No Mason.  The treats are for when you use the potty and when you are being a good boy.  

"I WANT THE TRUCK NOW"!  Well, this is an example on how you WON'T get the truck!  HA!  That didn't work. 


Mason, if you want a treat, you can use the potty and we'll give you one.  Do you want to go potty?


HMMM!  I guess that idea didn't work.  We will try again later. 

Saturday evening we spent with our friends, Jenelle, Savannah, and Jake.  They were not able to come to Mason's birthday party, so we celebrated at their house.  They had so much fun.  I forgot my camera so I didn't get pictures. Bummed!  The kids haven't seen each other in months, but somehow, they remember like it was yesterday.  So cute!  "Hey Mason"!  They played and played.  Ate pizza, birthday cake, and ice cream.  Exchanged gifts.  Mason was so excited to use his new toy!

It was a bath toy.  So neat!

He loves it! 


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