Friday, July 06, 2012

Show Us Your Life ~ Bathrooms

Today at Kelly's Korner it's all about bathrooms.  We have two bathrooms in our home, Mason's / guest bath and the master bath.  

First, Monkeys!

Monkey curtain and tissue cover are from Bed Bath and Beyond.

There is so much counter space in this bathroom, which I love. 

Above the toilet aka. potty.


 The monkey canvas is from Babies 'R' Us.

After several attempts of sticking this toy holder to the shower wall, we decided to mount it to the outside wall.  Definitely was the right choice.  We mounted it to Mason's height, so he reaches right in, before his bath, and throws in the toys of his choice. 

And no mold or mildew from the shower.  I just dust it off.  

On to the master bath. Probably my least favorite room in our home.  It's pretty small, but has everything that we need. 

The door you see goes to our closet.  At first I was not liking the idea of my closet in the bathroom, but now, I really like it.  It is so convenient. 

Garden tub.  Honestly, we don't use this much at all.  I would rather have the space.  As you can see, the bamboo blind above the tub is not very private.  I would love to upgrade this window to a decorative glass or something private (not block windows). 

This is one of my favorite pieces in our home and I got it for cheap.  From Bed Bath and Beyond, it was on clearance for $25, originally $80. Score!  It's brown metal, with touches of gold, so it appears more of a bronze.


I love these jars I found at Kirlands.  We put our bath salts in them along with extra soap.  There is a tray that matches too.  We use it for our cologne / perfumes. 

Matching tray.  Yes, we like to smell good! HA!

Since our bathroom is a bit on the small side, I used a runner instead of bath rugs.  Also, because the vent is on the floor.  Why in the world did the builder put the vent right in front of the sink?!  Crazy!

Lastly is our stand up shower.  Small.  I would definitely like to re-do several things in our bathroom, especially the shower.  This would make a great linen closet and turn the garden tub into a tub/shower.  Can you see the shelf to the right in this photo?  There is about 6 to 7 inches of wasted space.  I would also consider extending the shower to eliminate that space.  Take out the shower insert and tile everything in to provide more space and OH!  Add a door! 

This is another area I'm not sure what to do with.  We don't use this towel bar, but taking it down might look weird?.  Maybe a larger piece of art? 


Thank you so much for stopping by.  Please leave a comment if you have suggestions.  I love hearing other ideas.


Dani said...

How cute! You have monkeys too. What a beautiful family you have. I'm your newest follower. Blessings, Dani

Lacy said...

LOVE the monkey bathroom! So cute!

Michelle Kranz said...

Thank you guys! I'm looking forward to seeing your blogs too! As soon as I can break away from my little Monkey Mason! HA!

Natasha said...

The monkey bathroom is super-cute!

For the master bath I would replace the art and the towel bar with a bigger piece of art. But I'm not a decorator so don't take my opinion as fact :)

Can you tell I'm behind on reading the SUYL posts? And I'm interested (or obsessed!) enough to want to read every single one?!?!