Thursday, June 02, 2011

Yummy, cupcakes!

Mason had a great day on his actual birthday. We went shopping, ordered cupcakes for his party, bought a giant cupcake for him to eat after dinner, and we ate at McDonald's. He was a happy camper. He ate 4 chicken nuggets and almost an entire apple pie. When it was all gone, he kept saying "apple". It's gone buddy. He said "NOOOOOO", "Apple". He took a great nap too!

Here is the cupcake before it was demolished!

I'm all done, get me out of here!

The cupcake after
That was a messy bath night. We had to rinse him off in the tub, drain the water, and then start all over so that we could get him washed. He sure did have a ball eating that cupcake. He say's, "ummmm, good, Mommy!".

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