Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012 ~ Part One

Hey y'all!  How was your Christmas?  Ours was great!  My favorite part was watching and listening to Mason.  He was super excited about every single gift he opened and very thankful. Another favorite was the gift I gave to my brother. I'll talk about that in another post.

We are very blessed to have our parents and family to spend the Holidays with and we are very thankful for spending time with them.  

We usually spend Christmas Eve at Grammy and PawPaw's, so I do all of my cooking and baking the day before.  I was so busy this year!  I can't complain because I love to bake for the Holidays.

I didn't get a picture of everything, but I made a pumpkin pie, pecan pie, crock pot chocolate candy, white chocolate party mix, 2 cranberry salads, and cookies for Santa.

This is the crock pot chocolate candy.  So good and so easy. Here is the recipe.  This is a great recipe for a large crowd or to give as gifts.  I used the mini muffin cupcake liners and the recipe made over 100 pieces of candy! 

Mason and I made Santa's cookies together.  He was so excited.  He loves helping in the kitchen. 

He wanted to tasted the cookie dough so bad, but I told him no, so he licked his fingers instead!  HA!

Mason said Santa wanted chocolate milk.

Coming around the corner Christmas morning (after we woke him up at 7:30). 

"Mommy, Daddy!!!  Santa came"  And then he said, No.  Papa brought me lots of gifts.  GEEZ!  This boy loves his Papa!

Wow! Mason must have been a good boy!  Santa left him lots of nice gifts.  Even a HP Touchpad.  COOL! We are going to have so much fun with everything!

Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk too!  Wow!  He left me a letter!

We opened our stockings and looked at our gifts, ate a little breakfast, and headed to Nina and Papa's house!

To be continued.... 

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