Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012 ~ Part Two

I'm backing up a bit.  Here are some more pictures from Christmas Eve.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook have already seen these pictures, but I keep a diary of events on our blog too. 

This is my Dad who just moved from Florida.  This is the first Christmas (or Holiday) we have spent with him in over 18 years.  Hard to believe huh?!  It was nice to have him with us.  I think he enjoyed himself too. 

Mason is one lucky fella.  He is loving his new work bench from Grammy and Paw Paw.  He said these are his tools and we can't use them. HA!

He had so much fun unwrapping his gifts.  He was so excited every time!

Can you believe this is my baby brother?  Yep.  There is 6 years between us.  I love taking pictures next to him because it makes me look smaller. HA!  This is a good one of us. I may have to frame this one. 

My step dad gives me a keepsake ornament every year for Christmas.  They are always marked with the year.  This one is the 2012 Hallmark Recordable ornament.   I love all of them!  I think I have them back to 1996 or 97.  I really need to get them out again to see. 

Out of all the gifts we gave this year, this was my all time favorite.  This is a shadow cabinet (opens in the front).  The military memorabilia inside is from my Grandpa Dominey, my brother's namesake.  I felt it was only appropriate for him to have these keepsakes.  I have had the items since 1996, but they have been in our family for over 60 years. I know my brother will proudly display this in his home.  

Paw Paw.  He looks so much like his brother, Rick in this picture.

 Kevin has a star on his head.  

 We celebrated Christmas day at Aunt Amy's house.  Mason had to sit on Papa's lap to open all of his presents. 


 We sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus.  Normally we have one cake and we have to light the candles 5 times for each one of the kids to have a turn to blow out the candles.  Not this year.  We had 5 cupcakes.  

 Another one of the Kranz traditions.  The kids line up and Papa squirts "whippy dip" (whipped cream) in their mouth.  This was Mason's first time with whippy dip.  I think he liked it!

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