Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hey y'all!  Ok.  I'll admit it!  Pinterest has inspired me lately to do {diy} projects around the house.  I just love Fall so when I saw everyone decorating pumpkins, I had to join the party.

I've actually seen this on several blogs, but here is my version of a DIY House Number Pumpkin. 

I tried to keep it as simple as possible, because after all, you are going to throw away the pumpkin at the end of the season.

I gathered my supplies.  A pen (not shown), stencils, and a sharpie marker.  I'm not in love with the font of my stencil, but I had this leftover from another project.  You could make your own stencil on the computer too.

Next, I traced my numbers onto the pumpkin using my pen.   I didn't tape the stencils.  I just held them, but you can definitely use tape.

Once I had my numbers on the pumpkin, I just traced the outsides of my pen marks and colored them in with the sharpie marker.  Literally, that's it!

This project took me less than 10 minutes!  And it's so cute!  I have our pumpkins on the front porch which is covered.  If you have yours sitting in the weather, you may want to spray a clear coat over the pumpkin to make it last longer.

I'm not finished with decorating, but I wanted to share my project with you.  I'm now looking for corn stalks to lean up against the windows, and of course some more mums.  Then maybe I'll be finished! ;)

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