Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm here!

Hey y'all!  Yep!  I'm still here.  Just kind of taking one day at a time.  Trying not to stress out over the little things, you know?!  I'm sorry I haven't been keep up with the blog world.  I felt like I needed to focus on my health and family.  Health being number one right now.  I really don't want to get into a ton of TMI (too much info), just want to keep my privacy a little.  I'm sure you understand. 

I would like to update you on my health.  Mainly my blood pressure has been a bit out of sorts (high).  There is really nothing to blame for this happening, but that is not to say I haven't tried.  I did get the results of all of my blood work.  I was scared to death.  They would not give the results over the phone, so I had to make the 40 minute trip to the office the next day.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep well that night! Relax?! Yeah! Right!  Anyways, due to my test results, I'm now taking all new meds and in the process of a lifestyle change. It's ok.  I can do this.  So far I am feeling a little better.  Still struggling with some headaches and fatigue, but hanging in there.  

Enough about me.  We've had a couple of changes in our house.  You know, Ty was given back to his foster mom.  She was very excited to keep him.  I'm glad it all worked out in the end.  

Kevin got a new car.  Well, new to us. 

Yep!  Another Caddy!  We just love Cadillacs.  Kevin has such a long commute, hopefully this will help make it a bit more comfortable.  

Mason and I were very busy last week.  He was student of the week so he was the line leader and was responsible for bringing in snack for the class.  He was so excited to share 'his' snacks.  He made banana muffins and sugar cookies.  He just loves to help out in the kitchen.

We also went to the pumpkin patch with our group.  This place was more than a pumpkin patch, it was a farm.  We loved it.  We walked around, fed the goats, donkey, chickens, and catfish.  Mason ran through the hay maze and of course we walked through the pumpkin patch. 

I was very surprised by Mason.  He made it out of the hay maze in the first try.  Also, he was not at all scared of the animals.  At first he just kept looking at the chickens trying to take it all in.  He had never seen a chicken in real life before.  

Mason and Jack are so funny together.  They always stick together when we are with our group.  They do most of the activities together.  They fed the chickens, pulled the wagon and sat on the pumpkin for a picture.  They are both little hams!  HA!

Mason was amazed by this pumpkin!  It's a white pumpkin Mommy and it's HUGE!

This picture is definitely worthy of a frame!  So cute!

We are definitely going back to this farm.  Kevin will love it!  They also have a wagon full of hay and pumpkins set up for picture taking.  I wasn't able to get Mason in the wagon, so we'll have to try again!  We love Fall!

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