Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up & Pinspirations

Hey ya'll.  I'm sorry I haven't posted since Friday.  First, we did get an update on Mason's lab work.  Yep, it was positive for Staph, but it's ok.  He is healing nicely and the bleach baths have dried up all of his blisters and no new ones have appeared.  Good News!  No need for an antibiotic.  Looks like we caught it just in time and we just need to stay on top of his eczema so this doesn't happen again.  

We had a nice weekend.  Honestly, after the week Mason and I had, I just wanted to rest (aka. do nothing).  Hubs was nice enough to entertain the baby for me so I could do just that, rest.  I was not motivated at all.  *Sigh*  I do feel better.  More relaxed.  We did manage to go out to dinner Saturday evening, but that was the extent of our excitement.  

Sunday, we went to Jack's house, Mason's BFF.  We had a great lunch with great company.  I have talked about our friends property before (20 acres), but hubs had never seen it.  I think he is in heaven!  We have realized (with in the past couple of years), that we are country folks.  Don't get me wrong, we enjoy the city, but just for entertainment and shopping.  We prefer to live in the country.  Since we have lived in our new home with just a bit more land, we now want more.  I was thinking around 8 to 10 acres, but I think hubs is thinking closer to 20.  Who knows?  Maybe this is a dream or a goal.  I guess time will tell.

Thanks to pinterest I have an inspiration for Mason's big boy room.  

Madras Bedroom

This bedding and room arrangement is from Pottery Barn Kids.  We have the Madras Quilt and Pillow Sham already, but I needed inspiration on the room decor as a whole.  Generally, I'm not a fan of primary colors, but I love this room and the bedding.  Navy is the perfect big boy room color. 

I'm also in love with this room from Thrifty Decor Chick.


I love the arrangement of the room, the colors, the decor, and how cute are the airplanes?!  The built in shelves are awesome! 


Even though the room is painted navy, incorporating the white keeps it bright and clean.  I just adore the detail she put into this room.  The decor here will go great with the Madras bedding set.

Thanks to pinterest and blogs such as Thrifty Decor Chick, I am able to get a ton of ideas for Mason's Big Boy Room.  I'm looking forward to leaving the nursery behind, simply because I like change, not because I want my baby to grow up!  HA!  I think we will be working on this room sooner rather than later.  Next is figuring out what type of bed to get.  Oh!  The possibilities!  

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