Friday, July 13, 2012

Show Us Your Life ~ Mantles

We're showing off our mantles today over at Kelly's Korner.

We have a TV nook above our mantle so it makes it a bit difficult to decorate.  Although, I am glad the TV is there since it frees up space in our living room.  

Most of the year I have a hurricane at both ends of the mantle filled with river rocks and a neutral candle.  I'll add a picture too, but try to keep it simple. 

I would really like to add more color to our home throughout the year.  Currently, in the living room, we have brown, cream, and olive (greens).  I'm thinking of adding turquoise.  Just a thought. 

I change our mantle at Christmas, of course, Fall, and Valentine's Day.  I would like to change it for Easter or at least Spring, but it came and went so fast this year I never got around to it. 

For Christmas, I change out the river rocks for ornaments, add candles, stocking holders and the center piece and we're good to go.

Valentine's Day, I added conversation hearts in the bottom of the hurricane and put a candle on top.

I also found these cute little blocks at Target and added them too.

In the Fall, I took down the hurricanes and added a topiary at each end.  A few pumpkin scented candles along with pumpkins and gourds.  I usually have this up by October and leave it thru Thanksgiving.   

For those of you visiting from Kelly's Korner, thanks so much for taking a look.  I hope I gave a little inspiration.  I'm looking forward to seeing your mantles as well.  I love new ideas.

Next week we are showing how we display our pictures. 

Thanks again for visiting and we'll see you soon!


Mary O.K. said...

Michelle, found your sweet blog via Nancy Ward's's blog, Paper Friendly:
You're one of the few other families with the last name "Kranz" --and NOT "Krantz"-- that I've ever found! Although it's my married name (my maiden name was even worse to get anyone to spell correctly), I just have to ask: How do you pronounce it?

My husband's family pronounces it as if the a is an o: "kronz", not with the short "a" sound. Whenever I type our name in MS Word, the spellchecker tries to tell me that the word I really need is "crayons"!

Congratulations on your adorable little boy! We, too, are parents of an only child, and we were blessed with her after what sounds like a similar medical journey. However, our daughter is 24 and just finished grad school, so many of your parenting adventures are lovely reminders for me!
Best Wishes,

The Kranz Khronicles said...

Thanks so much for your comments Mary! Kranz is also my married name and we pronounce it with the short 'a' sound. I believe it is from the German descent and is pronounced as 'Kronz'.

Although, we struggle at times with our son, we too, feel very blessed to have him in our life.

Thanks again for your comments and for visiting our blog. We hope you will visit us again.