Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You are how many?!

THREE!  I can't believe Mason is three.  

We had a creepy, crawly, bug theme this year. Green, brown, orange...tried to keep it simple and cute.  

I made most of the decor myself.  Just simple cardboard boxes, pretty ribbon, grass, and free printables.

This sign was made from cardboard, scrap book paper, ribbon, and a sign that I made using Publisher. 

We decided to have the party at a local park.  Made things much easier.  Since we have more friends to invite, it just made sense.

The kids loved their party favors, aka. bug kits  They included bugs, stickers, fruit snacks, a butterfly net, and tweezers to pick up the bugs.  EWW! 

We had chocolate cupcakes and dirt cake.  YUM!  I made both myself.  

Cupcake stand.  So simple.  Just cardboard boxes covered with packing paper.  Wrapped ribbon around the boxes (glued), stuck on some stickers, and glued on some grass at the bottom.  So cute and really, very easy!


Also made pom poms.  Again, easy.  Fold 6 to 8 pieces of tissue paper accordion style, tie in the middle, cut each end of the tissue in round shape, and gently pull apart the paper to make the pom pom.  Voila!

I have found various different inspirations from other blogs or just online.  I have posted it all on my pinterest boards under parties.  You can check it out here.  

We kept the tables simple too!  Bowls of bugs covered in water to grow during the party.  The kids LOVED this idea.  Played with the bugs!  EWW!  They were slimy.  

Plain white table cloths with stickers that I bought at Dollar Tree!  Really!  The bugs were also bought at Dollar Tree and Target in the dollar bins.  Not bad!  12 bugs for $1. 

We served hot dogs, pasta salad, chips, and watermelon.

Mason had to sit next to his buddy, Jack!  We love Jack!

Love Jack's home made wrapping paper! What a great idea!

Mason wasn't quite sure, at first, what to make of his party.  Since it was at the park this year, he just thought it was another play date with his friends.  He spent the majority of his time with Papa! 

He did great when we all sang happy birthday!  He was smiling and excited to blow out his candles. 

 And was especially excited to dig into his cupcake!

Check out the look on Mason's face.  This picture was taken after we got home from the party.  Clearly, he is exhausted.  We all were!  HA!

The day of the party was absolutely beautiful.  Sun was shining, no humidity, and only about 80 degrees.  Perfect! 

We had a fabulous day!  Thanks to those of you who helped us celebrate!


erinstwo said...

Hey! Followed your link from Kelly's Korner and saw this post as well. Love your cupcake stand! Great job!

Michelle Kranz said...

Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!