Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lock Down

Yep! We are on lock down this weekend.  Our plans include this...

Exciting huh?!  Gerber training pants for Mason.  Time to get the ball rolling again.  We tried potty training a couple of months ago and it just didn't work.  Mason wasn't interested at all and we didn't push him.

This time, our plan is to put him in the training pants, set the timer for 20 minutes, and go to the potty.  A friend of mine suggested this and said it worked for her son, so we are giving it a try.  Honestly, we are sick of changing diapers.  Mason despising being changed.  I mean, kicks, screams, the whole nine yards.  So, this is it!  Like it or not. Got to do it! (I'm trying to convince myself)! UGH!

Look at what we are dealing with....yep! He's serious alright!


I hate this is happening on Father's Day weekend, but it seems every weekend is busy with something.  

Also, forgot to mention.  Look at what other milestone we have accomplished!

No more crib.  Well, it's still the crib, but we took down the side rail. We actually did this the day of his birthday.  We told him since you turned 3, you are now a big boy and need to sleep in a big boy bed.  He said, OK!


He is doing such a great job with his new bed.  Honestly, we thought it would be a nightmare trying to keep him in the bed, but he has been great! 

He is so proud of himself.  Getting in and out by himself. There have only been a handful of times that he got out and came into the living room, but we tell him to go back to bed and he does.  Nap time has been fine too!  


The other morning, he scared me to death.  I was completely asleep.  Didn't hear him on the monitor at all.  The next thing I know, he is right in my face.  "Mommy, are you sleeping"?  I think I jumped out of the bed.  "Nope, I'm awake"!  Scarey!  HA!

Wish us luck this weekend and think about us when you're by the pool or lake having fun!  HA!

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