Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacation 2012 ~ VA Beach

We were able to go to Virginia Beach again this year.  At first, we didn't think Kevin was going to go with us due to his job, but everything worked out. 

We all liked our house much better than last year.

Thank goodness for our {heated} indoor pool.  The ocean water was freezing and the first couple of days were dreary and overcast.

One of the other favorites of the house was the pool table.  For the guys, of course.  Although, I think Lori played too!  I have no idea.  Mason enjoyed sitting on the table and rolling around the balls.


Yep!  Mason said the water is to cold Mommy! He wasn't to much in to the water again this year.  Not sure if it was just to cold or to scary!  Either way, he didn't like it. 

He did enjoy sitting in the hot tub with Daddy.  He thought it was a BIG bath tub.  We all enjoyed it too!  It was so nice to sit in it at night or even on the cooler days and look out at the ocean. 

This was our view from the hot tub.  Not bad. 

Mason did enjoy walking on the beach, but not as much as last year.  He seemed to be more interested in looking in the crab holes or sticking a stick in the hole.  He did play in the sand a couple of times, but again, just not very interested.

Here are the crab holes (houses).  I don't remember seeing this many last year, but they were everywhere!

We looked and looked for sea shells, but there weren't many.  Kevin said they were out in the water...ummm, to cold for me! HA!

Mason found all kinds of things in the sand.  He really wasn't scared at all picking up anything he could find!

One of the highlights of our vacation was seeing the dolphins.  There were several one day that played and played in front of our house.  Luckily, we were all outside sitting on the beach so we didn't miss it.  There are 3 in this photo (to the left). 


We all tried to relax as much as possible.  Mason sometimes made this difficult!  For some reason, like I said earlier, he just wasn't into the beach.  Honestly, I think, maybe some of the reason why is because was he was tired.  He was not sleeping good at night and his naps were not that great either. 

Uncle James and Lori were able to spend a couple of nights with us .

I think Kevin had more fun playing in the sand than Mason.  You can't see Mason's face, but he was just watching Daddy dig.

 We had to leave the sand castle early due to this storm.  It came and went quickly, so we were able to get right back out there.  It was actually neat to watch the rain as it moved closer and closer to us.  The water turned bright green too! 

We all enjoyed our little area in front of the house.  It was so nice to be able to walk right out to the beach and have it all to ourselves.  Most of the week, we just left our things set up.  All we had to do was eat breakfast, put on our swimsuits, and hit the beach.  Tough life, huh?!

One night Mason and I stayed home and made crafts, while the others went out to eat seafood.  He has so much fun with the clue.  It's a good thing it only cost like .50 because he just wants to empty the bottle onto a piece of paper.  Whatever makes him happy, right?

So, for one week (out of 52), we were able to enjoy this view.

It was simply, just not enough!

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