Friday, March 23, 2012

BIG Trucks

Mason and I, with our group, visited the Clayton Fire Department yesterday. We learned fire safety, the special tools they use when fighting fires, what to do in an emergency, all about their fire suits, and the favorite one of all, we learned all about their BIG trucks, aka. firetrucks.

I struggled at first with Mason. He is not interested in standing still and listening when someone talks. He ran off and of course I'm running around chasing him. We're like the "two stooges". We seem to always be the ones disrupting the group. I'm sure all Moms have been there at some point.

When it was time to look at the trucks, Mason was excited, but apprehensive. At first, he hid behind me, but within 5 minutes he walked right up to the trucks. He walked around the trucks and looked. He pointed out everything to me. "Look, Mommy, big tires" "I see tools" "WOW! I see lights" He was so excited and more interested.

Everyone took turns getting into the firetrucks. Mason, at first, didn't want to get in the truck. After everyone had a turn and again 5 minutes later, he wanted to get in for a look around. Then, I couldn't get him out! HA!

He is definitely the explorer of the group. He would rather be off on his own discovering all the different things himself. He is very observant. He loves to see how things work.

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