Monday, January 30, 2012

It caught up to us

Well, all the running around caught us. Mason is on his first antibiotic EVER! I'm thrilled he made it this long. According to my Mom, I was on a antibiotic right after birth (maybe not that soon), but I was a sick baby. I haven't updated the blog with all of our adventures lately. We were very busy last week. We had a couple of play dates, one was at our house, we went to the gym, went shopping, Saturday we visited our friends Jake and Savannah (and Jenell), Sunday we had a fish fry at Grammy's house and Monday we went to Virginia. Uncle James' and Lori moved into a new house and we helped them get settled.

Mason started feeling bad during the trip, but honestly the way the weather has been lately, I thought it was all of the changes. One day it's 38 degrees and the next day it's 60. Crazy! Well, the weather may have contributed to his cold, but then he ended up with an ear infection. His fever was all over the place, which made me very nervous. We came home from VA on Wednesday and by Saturday I was ready to throw in the towel.

We took Mason to urgent care on Sunday and sure enough he needed an antibiotic for the ear infection. Apparently, his cold was viral and then became a bacteria infection. We will give him the antibiotic for 5 days, as well as giving him Allegra, and tylenol (or ibuprofen).

So, guess what? Now Mommy is sick. UGH! Kevin never gets anything, but one person sneezes on me and BAM! I'm sick. Hopefully, it will come and go fast. I started taking Emergen-C and a decongestant.

Please let it go away fast. It's not fair for the Mommy to get sick. How can I take care of Mason? Not to mention, the housework is beginning to pile up already. Geez! It will take me a week to get everything back in order. Not to mention, I'll need to Lysol the house. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

My friends

Mason was so excited today. We had a play date at our house with the Moms from our group. Of course, with my OCD, I was a bit reluctant, but we had a good time.

The rsvp was for 5 Moms, but as it turns out only 2 were able to make it due to colds. This is the time where everyone is getting sick. I respect the fact of them not coming since we don't want to get sick either. :)

To be honest, I was getting a bit nervous when I first checked my email. I saw our date went from 5 coming, 2 on a wait list, down to 2 coming. I was saying my prayers. Poor little monkey would have been heart broken if no friends came to play. So, thank you to Jill and Katie for making the trip.

The kids ran around and played (except in the picture above) while the Mommies drank coffee and ate cinnamon rolls. Sounds good to me! HA!

This was the end result....not too bad! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heavy Heart

Tripp Roth, as his Mother states, "received his wings to heaven" on Saturday. He is now "Heaven's Little Drummer Boy." I'm sure you have noticed on my left side bar the icon entitled "Praying For Tripp". I have followed this story for a few months now and I knew this day would come for Tripp. The odds were just stacked against him. His poor little body just gave out. I don't quite understand exactly why this baby was put on this earth for just 2 years and 8 months to have only suffered in pain at least half of that time. (I'm estimating) A couple reasons that come to my mind are: 1 - Maybe we learned something from this disease and can help other babies and 2 - So Mothers like myself will not take for granted our healthy babies. Either way, it just doesn't seem fair that I was blessed with a healthy baby and she was not. What a strong lady! I, honestly, don't know if I would be the same. Tripp's blog is: or to see more, just Google 'Tripp Roth'. There are literally hundreds of stories being written about Tripp's story.

Another story I have been following is about a lady by the name of Stacey English who disappeared the day after Christmas in Atlanta, GA. I went to high school and graduated with this lady. I had classes with her, talked to her, sure we weren't the best of friends, nor did we keep in touch after school, but I knew her. This story has hit close to home for me. I know people disappear everyday. I don't understand why and I don't follow every story, but when you knew/know the person, it hits home a bit more. The most recent news was posted tonight. The search of the lake near where her car was found was negative. She was not there which is good news, may be she is somewhere alive. To keep up with the latest information on Stacey's story, please visit this link to Facebook:

Again, I don't understand how someone can just vanish off the face of this earth. If she has been harmed, why would someone do this. What is the world coming to folks?! Please be aware of your surroundings. To protect yourself and your family and you never know, you may save someone's life.

Please say an extra pray tonight for Tripp's family and for Stacey's safe return.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My baby is gone!

I've said this before, but I REALLY mean it this time. My little baby boy is gone. He's a big boy now. He even said so! Oh Well! I still get some 'sugar' every now and then {when I steal it}! Mason and I decided to take a road trip on Friday and went to visit Grammy. Mason was in need of a hair cut, bad! So, we finally gave in and took him to a real kid's hair cutting place. So coo! He was able to pick which chair he wanted to sit in while getting his hair cut. He had to choose between a John Deere Tractor, a car, and a airplane. Guess what he chose!........



The airplane! He was so excited to sit in this airplane.

"Hey Grammy!, I'm riding the airplane!"

He was such a good boy! He did cry or fuss. Just a little squirmy, but the stylist was pretty fast and did a good job too!

Mason had fun playing while we waited. It was like a little kid's clubhouse. He didn't want to leave. I didn't blame him. :)

The end result, was a big boy hair cut. No, this wasn't his first cut, but the first time we had so much cut off at one time.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Can you believe?......

This is Mason, just one year ago (2011).....

And this is Mason today!

Monday, January 02, 2012

More Christmas pictures

Christmas went by with a blur.....we traveled too much as usual. We were at Mom's for Christmas Eve, back home that night for Santa on Christmas morning, and then in the car to go to Greensboro. Too much. I hope next year is a bit more relaxing. We'll see.

Mason was so funny this year. He seemed to be more interested in opening the gifts, than actually looking at the gift. He kept saying, "I open". Since we had gifts, he thought we were going to a birthday party. HA! Well, I guess so. It was Jesus' birthday, right?

Daddy and I had fun opening our gifts too and we were very surprised when we opened our gift from Uncle James and Aunt Lori. A box full of 100 one dollar bills! HA! You got us! Thank you! We are using it for new dishes.

The excitement on Mason's face is priceless! This is what Christmas is all about!

I hope you had a priceless Christmas too!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

A new year and a wish





I absolutely LOVE this picture of Grammy and Mason!