Monday, January 02, 2012

More Christmas pictures

Christmas went by with a blur.....we traveled too much as usual. We were at Mom's for Christmas Eve, back home that night for Santa on Christmas morning, and then in the car to go to Greensboro. Too much. I hope next year is a bit more relaxing. We'll see.

Mason was so funny this year. He seemed to be more interested in opening the gifts, than actually looking at the gift. He kept saying, "I open". Since we had gifts, he thought we were going to a birthday party. HA! Well, I guess so. It was Jesus' birthday, right?

Daddy and I had fun opening our gifts too and we were very surprised when we opened our gift from Uncle James and Aunt Lori. A box full of 100 one dollar bills! HA! You got us! Thank you! We are using it for new dishes.

The excitement on Mason's face is priceless! This is what Christmas is all about!

I hope you had a priceless Christmas too!

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