Monday, January 30, 2012

It caught up to us

Well, all the running around caught us. Mason is on his first antibiotic EVER! I'm thrilled he made it this long. According to my Mom, I was on a antibiotic right after birth (maybe not that soon), but I was a sick baby. I haven't updated the blog with all of our adventures lately. We were very busy last week. We had a couple of play dates, one was at our house, we went to the gym, went shopping, Saturday we visited our friends Jake and Savannah (and Jenell), Sunday we had a fish fry at Grammy's house and Monday we went to Virginia. Uncle James' and Lori moved into a new house and we helped them get settled.

Mason started feeling bad during the trip, but honestly the way the weather has been lately, I thought it was all of the changes. One day it's 38 degrees and the next day it's 60. Crazy! Well, the weather may have contributed to his cold, but then he ended up with an ear infection. His fever was all over the place, which made me very nervous. We came home from VA on Wednesday and by Saturday I was ready to throw in the towel.

We took Mason to urgent care on Sunday and sure enough he needed an antibiotic for the ear infection. Apparently, his cold was viral and then became a bacteria infection. We will give him the antibiotic for 5 days, as well as giving him Allegra, and tylenol (or ibuprofen).

So, guess what? Now Mommy is sick. UGH! Kevin never gets anything, but one person sneezes on me and BAM! I'm sick. Hopefully, it will come and go fast. I started taking Emergen-C and a decongestant.

Please let it go away fast. It's not fair for the Mommy to get sick. How can I take care of Mason? Not to mention, the housework is beginning to pile up already. Geez! It will take me a week to get everything back in order. Not to mention, I'll need to Lysol the house. :)

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