Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks

We spent Thanksgiving in VA again this year. We had a nice weekend, but boy, I'm tired. We ate, shopped, put up Uncle James and Lori's Christmas tree and drove a lot. Oh and Daddy practiced his target shooting along with Grammy, Paw Paw, Uncle James and Lori. I said, No Way! Guns make me nervous. I would rather stand back and watch. Lori, Mom and I, were able to shop with out the men (including Mason). Thank goodness! It's so hard to shop with that little boy. We all got some great deals and I got so much of our shopping DONE!

Mason had a good ole time running around playing outside and jumping up and down on the air mattress and playing with Lucy, the neighbor's dog.

There are so many things that I'm thankful for and just too many to list, but I try to give thanks everyday. How about you? What are you thankful for this year?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Changes and just another day

Once you pass a certain age (which I won't mention), it's just another day and a different number, right? At least that is how I feel; However, my family made me feel extra special. We all met at Mom's and she made a fabulous meal. There is never a time where we get together and don't eat! HA! Maybe it's a Southern thing or maybe our family tradition. Who knows? The food was great and the company even better and the best part was State beat UNC. WHOOHOOO!

I received lots of nice gifts. Money, gift card, a mattress warmer (awesome), orthotic slippers, buffet know, we always get too much. Do I really need a mattress warmer? NO! BUT it sure is nice to get into a warm bed when it is 30 degrees outside. I am thankful for the things that I have and I do try to recognize everyday that I have it better than some folks.

After dinner, Lori, Mom, and I went out shopping. I figured if I were getting a new buffet lamp, I needed two new lamps for our end tables. There was nothing wrong with our other ones, but after 10 years, you kind of get sick of looking at the same thing (unless it's your family) HAHA!! Anyway, I like the look it gave our living room and it is definitely our style. Do you believe I bought them without Kevin and he liked them too?! I hope he didn't just say it to make me happy. Too late now. ;)

NO, there is not a ghost in our pictures. Something got into the lens of the camera and we couldn't get it out. Actually, we had to send it back to Samsung to get it fixed.

Thanks to all of those who made my day just a little more special.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Little Helper

Mason is becoming quite the little helper these days. He is always very interested in what I'm doing (or anyone else for that matter). He hangs around me most days, if we are in the house, of course once we are outside, he is all over the place. He generally helps me with the laundry. He wants to put the clothes in the washer. "I put in washer Mommy" Sometimes, when we are not doing laundry, he goes into his room, gets things out of his hamper and puts them in the washer by himself. And sometimes, he wants to wash his cars (not good). I have to catch myself now before starting the washer to make sure there is nothing extra in there. HA! It is rather cute and annoying at the same time. I know I will miss these days when they are gone.

Since he was an infant, he has been interested in the vacuum. Until recently, he would jump up on the couch and just watch me vacuum, but now he wants to try it too. He wants to plug in the vacuum and turn it on himself. Of course, I don't let him plug it in himself, I do help. I can't help out to much though, he becomes angry because he wants to do it all himself. So generally, it takes me about an hour to do a chore that should only take 30 minutes, but what's the rush, right? I need to enjoy this time with my son and stop getting annoyed. (Mental note for myself)! HA!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Alone and my DIY Project

Yes, that is correct......I am Home Alone. Daddy took Mason to Greensboro for the weekend, so I actually have 2 days (almost) to myself. My only goal was to NOT clean. So far, so good (except one load of laundry). I did get out of the house for a bit, but came right back home to watch Lifetime and Hallmark movies. There really isn't much on TV, but I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.

I have been working on a few things lately. My DIY project is a chalkboard for the kitchen. I have wanted one for the past few years, but couldn't stomach the $100+ price. Especially for something that I can make myself.

I started with a picture that I bought at the Salvation Army for $5. I was more interested in the frame and making sure the glass was in good condition.

I removed the backing from the frame, the art work, and the matting.

I used this paint to spray paint the wood frame. I chose a color that would match my kitchen. Sort of in between a sage and lime green. This particular color was only available in a glossy finish, but I will use sand paper to 'rough' it up a bit so it didn't really matter.

I applied 2 light coats of paint to the frame and let it dry in between each coat. Then I let it dry for several days before using the sand paper.

A close up after using the sand paper. I love the look it gave the frame. It's exactly what I wanted.

While I was waiting on the frame to dry. I started painting the glass with the chalkboard paint. I have applied 3 coats so far, but it is recommended that you use 4 to 5 coats. This is the step that has taken the longest. I am applying only one coat each day to make sure it's completely dried.

I'm excited to see the finished product hanging in my kitchen and I'm SUPER excited this project cost me $25. I still have paint left over for another project. Money well spent.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day!

It's not just a day off from work or school. It's a day to remember those who are serving or who have served for us. Thank You from The Kranz Family!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Mason and I went to a Halloween Dress Up party on Monday morning. He had fun playing with the other kids, making crafts, and playing outside. This was a group activity at one of the member's house. She made mac-n-cheese for the kids and a casserole for the adults. We were both tired and needed nap before our trick-or-treating.

Unfortunately, it started raining that afternoon and didn't stop until around 8:00, so we did not go out trick-or-treating. Thankfully, Mason was content sitting on the porch waiting for 'friends' aka trick-or-treaters. He was so cute. He would look out the window and say "I see friends". Parents were driving their children around the neighborhood, but it was pretty cold. I just didn't want to get Mason in and out of the car getting wet and cold. He didn't seem to mind staying in, but of course he doesn't know the difference yet.

We waited and waited.....
We didn't get the first child until about 6:45 and they came steady after that, until 8:00. We turned out the porch light. Mason wanted to run to the door every time it rang. He was so excited to put the candy in their bag and then say, "Bye, bye" "See you later, friend".

Happy Halloween 2011