Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Changes and just another day

Once you pass a certain age (which I won't mention), it's just another day and a different number, right? At least that is how I feel; However, my family made me feel extra special. We all met at Mom's and she made a fabulous meal. There is never a time where we get together and don't eat! HA! Maybe it's a Southern thing or maybe our family tradition. Who knows? The food was great and the company even better and the best part was State beat UNC. WHOOHOOO!

I received lots of nice gifts. Money, gift card, a mattress warmer (awesome), orthotic slippers, buffet lamp.....you know, we always get too much. Do I really need a mattress warmer? NO! BUT it sure is nice to get into a warm bed when it is 30 degrees outside. I am thankful for the things that I have and I do try to recognize everyday that I have it better than some folks.

After dinner, Lori, Mom, and I went out shopping. I figured if I were getting a new buffet lamp, I needed two new lamps for our end tables. There was nothing wrong with our other ones, but after 10 years, you kind of get sick of looking at the same thing (unless it's your family) HAHA!! Anyway, I like the look it gave our living room and it is definitely our style. Do you believe I bought them without Kevin and he liked them too?! I hope he didn't just say it to make me happy. Too late now. ;)

NO, there is not a ghost in our pictures. Something got into the lens of the camera and we couldn't get it out. Actually, we had to send it back to Samsung to get it fixed.

Thanks to all of those who made my day just a little more special.

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