Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Mason and I went to a Halloween Dress Up party on Monday morning. He had fun playing with the other kids, making crafts, and playing outside. This was a group activity at one of the member's house. She made mac-n-cheese for the kids and a casserole for the adults. We were both tired and needed nap before our trick-or-treating.

Unfortunately, it started raining that afternoon and didn't stop until around 8:00, so we did not go out trick-or-treating. Thankfully, Mason was content sitting on the porch waiting for 'friends' aka trick-or-treaters. He was so cute. He would look out the window and say "I see friends". Parents were driving their children around the neighborhood, but it was pretty cold. I just didn't want to get Mason in and out of the car getting wet and cold. He didn't seem to mind staying in, but of course he doesn't know the difference yet.

We waited and waited.....
We didn't get the first child until about 6:45 and they came steady after that, until 8:00. We turned out the porch light. Mason wanted to run to the door every time it rang. He was so excited to put the candy in their bag and then say, "Bye, bye" "See you later, friend".

Happy Halloween 2011

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