Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Festivites Begin

We have so much planned for Halloween this year. I hope we don't over do it {again}! Kevin and I have never went to parties or went out for Halloween, but when you have children, things change. Mason is excited about wearing is costume. Well, mainly the hat that goes with his cowboy outfit.

Yesterday, we went to a group activity at one of the Mom's house. We decorated cupcakes and made crafts. Mason was more interested in playing with the little boy's cars and he found a big fire truck that he played with the entire time.

Mason was not shy at all. He walked right in the house and started playing. He plays by himself or with the other kids, either way is fine with him. He wasn't crazy about eating the cupcake after decorating it, so he ate a cookie instead. We both had a good time.

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