Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Festivites Begin

We have so much planned for Halloween this year. I hope we don't over do it {again}! Kevin and I have never went to parties or went out for Halloween, but when you have children, things change. Mason is excited about wearing is costume. Well, mainly the hat that goes with his cowboy outfit.

Yesterday, we went to a group activity at one of the Mom's house. We decorated cupcakes and made crafts. Mason was more interested in playing with the little boy's cars and he found a big fire truck that he played with the entire time.

Mason was not shy at all. He walked right in the house and started playing. He plays by himself or with the other kids, either way is fine with him. He wasn't crazy about eating the cupcake after decorating it, so he ate a cookie instead. We both had a good time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From busy, to home bound

Since Mason and I joined a Moms and Toddlers group, we have been so busy. Last week, we did something everyday. Our group activities have included, the park and lunch, open gym, story time at a library (which we went once). There are several activities that we haven't done with the group yet. Art class and play groups at someone's house. I feel like we should get to know the group first before going to their house. We also played with Chase and Alexa last week and went shopping.

The running around has caught up with us (me). I'm definitely home bound this week. Over the weekend I started feeling run down and got a sore throat. Now I'm completely congested. It could be another case of my allergies, but we have been around other children this week, so who knows. I haven't felt good all week. I'm trying to recover so that we can have fun this weekend.

It's HALLOWEEN! On Friday, Mason and I are going to decorate cupcakes and make Halloween crafts with our group. On Saturday, we are planning to go to a local park for some tricks and treats. They'll have a costume contest, hayrides, local food vendors, a haunted trail, and much more. On Sunday, Mason is going to a Toddlers Halloween Party and they are all wearing their costume. I can't wait to see all the kids. They'll be so cute. We'll take lots of pictures.

This past weekend, Kevin and I turned our guest room into a play room for Mason. I figured since we never use the guest room, it was pointless for us to have one. What a great decision! Mason was so excited to see his new play room. His eyes just lit up! "OH!! Look Mommy, a play room" "I see toys". It's much more organized now. All of his toys, books, cars, puzzles, bean bag etc. are now in this room and he is having a ball.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mason's first trip to the Zoo

What an absolute perfect weekend!! The weather was beautiful and perfect for a visit to the Zoo. We have been talking about going for months, but we wanted to wait for cooler weather. I'm so glad we did. All of the animals were out enjoying the weather too!

Mason had a ball. He was so excited. "Mommy, I see" "Daddy, I see" at whatever animals we were looking at. We were so lucky to have seen the entire park in 4 1/2 hours. There were a couple of exhibits that were 'Under Construction'. The Kid's Zone and the Polar Bears were closed, but this gives us an excuse to visit again.

We also saw a neat area that is fairly new called Elephant Tracking with a real helicopter. Mason about had a fit he was so excited. He got to sit inside and push the buttons.

Look at the excitement on his face!

Since we had such a long day, Daddy got us a hotel in Asheboro so we didn't have to drive back. The hotel was nice too. There was an indoor pool and of course this was the first thing Mason saw as we walked in the hotel. He doesn't miss a beat. We went out to eat and came back to the hotel. The first thing Mason says, "Daddy, go to pool"....."Pool, Daddy". So of course, we got in the pool.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


AWWW!!! Fall.....We love Fall. There are several reasons why.

(real and decorations)

...baking (banana bread, pumpkin bread....)

...changing of the leaves

...sweet smell of autumn fragranced candles


Oh yeah!!! And my birthday! ;)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Food, Family, Football, and Fun!

We celebrated Uncle James and Paw Paw Mike's birthday at our house on Saturday. We had a fun and relaxing day just hanging out.

Lori and Kevin had fun on our swing. One of the great things about living in the country!

...And of course, we took the opportunity to take some family photos.

Looks like Grammy and Mason had fun too!

I (HEART) the weekends!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Schedule changes

Seriously! Our calendar went from, completely empty, to FULL, in less than a week. Well, not completely empty. Mason and I joined a Moms and Toddlers group in our local area. This is our first week of joining, so we have only gone to one event, but we're looking forward to having lots of fun. On Monday, we went to the library in Smithfield for story time. It was a good idea, but Mason was not in to it at all. He wanted to run around, play, and grab the books off the shelf.....really?! We may try again, but honestly, he may be a bit to young just yet. We'll see.

Our next event is on Friday. We are going to the park to play and having a picnic lunch. I think Mason will have a ball and it will be nice to actually meet some of the other Mothers.

Also, this week, Mason had his flu shot (today). So far, so good, however, it's been less than 24 hours. Hopefully he will be good to go in the morning. We are meeting Chase and his Mom at the park tomorrow and then we are going to visit PawPaw for his birthday.

This past weekend, we went to visit Nina and Papa in Greensboro. Mason spent the night with Caity and Jake and they had lots of fun. Everyone is always so excited to see Mason. He always has so much fun, but he is exhausted when we come home. No time to slow down now! More fun is on the way.

....sorry, no pictures this post.