Monday, October 17, 2011

Mason's first trip to the Zoo

What an absolute perfect weekend!! The weather was beautiful and perfect for a visit to the Zoo. We have been talking about going for months, but we wanted to wait for cooler weather. I'm so glad we did. All of the animals were out enjoying the weather too!

Mason had a ball. He was so excited. "Mommy, I see" "Daddy, I see" at whatever animals we were looking at. We were so lucky to have seen the entire park in 4 1/2 hours. There were a couple of exhibits that were 'Under Construction'. The Kid's Zone and the Polar Bears were closed, but this gives us an excuse to visit again.

We also saw a neat area that is fairly new called Elephant Tracking with a real helicopter. Mason about had a fit he was so excited. He got to sit inside and push the buttons.

Look at the excitement on his face!

Since we had such a long day, Daddy got us a hotel in Asheboro so we didn't have to drive back. The hotel was nice too. There was an indoor pool and of course this was the first thing Mason saw as we walked in the hotel. He doesn't miss a beat. We went out to eat and came back to the hotel. The first thing Mason says, "Daddy, go to pool"....."Pool, Daddy". So of course, we got in the pool.

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