Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Schedule changes

Seriously! Our calendar went from, completely empty, to FULL, in less than a week. Well, not completely empty. Mason and I joined a Moms and Toddlers group in our local area. This is our first week of joining, so we have only gone to one event, but we're looking forward to having lots of fun. On Monday, we went to the library in Smithfield for story time. It was a good idea, but Mason was not in to it at all. He wanted to run around, play, and grab the books off the shelf.....really?! We may try again, but honestly, he may be a bit to young just yet. We'll see.

Our next event is on Friday. We are going to the park to play and having a picnic lunch. I think Mason will have a ball and it will be nice to actually meet some of the other Mothers.

Also, this week, Mason had his flu shot (today). So far, so good, however, it's been less than 24 hours. Hopefully he will be good to go in the morning. We are meeting Chase and his Mom at the park tomorrow and then we are going to visit PawPaw for his birthday.

This past weekend, we went to visit Nina and Papa in Greensboro. Mason spent the night with Caity and Jake and they had lots of fun. Everyone is always so excited to see Mason. He always has so much fun, but he is exhausted when we come home. No time to slow down now! More fun is on the way.

....sorry, no pictures this post.

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