Monday, September 26, 2011


We had a great weekend. We spent Saturday shopping, running errands, going to the park, and eating dinner at a new place. Mason got some new shoes (tennis shoes). Really neat Cars shoes that light up. Of course he loves them. We tried them on in the store and he didn't want to take them off.

Mason was so proud of his new cars shoes. He wanted to carry the bag to the car. "It's mine, Mommy" "My car shoes"!!

We also went to Porter Farms in Willow Spring and bought some beautiful mums. We have gone to that place for the last 9 years and we love it. They always have such fresh products and great prices.
We'll go back in a couple of weeks to get some pumpkins. Since it's still so warm here, the pumpkins won't last through November so we thought we would wait.

Daddy was proud of his purchase too!

Daddy wanted to visit a gun shop in Angier, so we stopped by there too. Mason and I waited in the car while Daddy looked around.

"Look Mommy, I see plane"!

Ok, now he's bored..."Go Mommy"!

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