Monday, August 29, 2011

Another milestone

Mason is becoming such a big boy. He wants to do most things by himself. Well, some things. Especially feeding himself or getting up on a chair. The new thing is eating at the table and sitting in a big chair.

I know it's time for a booster seat, but we'll have to find one that has a seat belt! HA! He wants to get up from eating, play a little, and then come back to the table. No way! It doesn't work like that Mason.

This is the "I don't want to sit down and eat my lunch face".

He is still such a good eater. I hope he stays this way. I know that children go through stages and he has, but for the most part he has always ate good. I mean, chocolate is a part of the food group, right?

We are still getting the hang of using a fork and spoon. Mason feels like he has accomplished so much if he gets the spoon to his mouth with food still on it. We make a big deal of it and say "YAY!!! Good job, buddy" and we all clap, including Mason.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011


Children love to place dress up. It doesn't matter if they are a boy or girl, it's fun to pretend. Mason has discovered Daddy's shoes. He loves to put them on and walk around. "I, funny", he says. So cute.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mason's new trick

Thank you Grammy for teaching Mason his new trick. HA! I'm sure all kids do this at one time or another. It was just a matter of time.

Little by little, all of the toys were thrown out of his toy box.

And finally, he had enough room to stretch out and watch TV.

Friday, August 12, 2011

24 Month Check up

Mason's check up went great! He's such a healthy boy and we are so grateful.

While we were in the room waiting on the doctor, I took some pictures. He had to open every drawer and check every inch of the room. Of course, we had to bring Pooh with us. Dr. Simpson was so good. He checked Pooh's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth too. Mason thought that was funny and laughed until Dr. Simpson checked Mason's mouth. He didn't like that at all. He is still trying to cut two teeth on top and they were a bit red and swollen. Everything else looked great!

Here are his stats:

Weight: 30 1/2 lbs. in the 72%
Height: 36 1/4" in the 80%
Head: 19 1/2" in the 66%

Mason is a very good eater. He loves fruit and we try to give it to him at every meal. Since he is so healthy, the doctor said there was no need for vitamins. Mason is drinking about 24 oz. of 2% milk and 16 oz. of juice (very watered down). Generally, he only drinks with meals, anything in between and he won't eat.

He passed his developmental milestones with flying colors. Some of the milestones include: running, jumping, putting 2 or more words into sentences, count to 3 (he can count to 10), follows commands (most of the time), recognizes shapes and colors (not so much the colors yet), draws a vertical line, and stacks blocks.

Mason is very social with other children and adults. He talks to everyone and calls all children "babies". He loves to play pretend, like talking on the phone. He loves cars and trucks and books. He still enjoys watching Blue's Clues and pretty much any show on Nick Jr. that involves music.

He loves to play outside (as long as its not to hot out). He just likes to walk around, picking up sticks and rocks. He helps Mommy pull weeds and put them in the bucket.

Mason is still an excellent sleeper and stays on the same schedule everyday. He's pretty much up by 7:30 every morning, takes an afternoon nap around 2 1/2 hours, and in bed every night by 8:00pm.

As long as Mason continues to be healthy and happy, our next checkup will be at 3 years.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Time to play 'catch up'

Yes! I'm a bit behind again in my blog postings. This is more a reminder for myself.

  • What has Mason been up to these days?

  • He went to Marbles Kids Museum.

  • He had his 24 month checkup.

  • His adventures with Pooh.

  • Play dates with Chase and Alexa.
Stayed tuned. I'll post about all of these topics.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mason's best friend

In the past couple of weeks, Mason has really grown attached to his "little pooh". He talks to him, feeds him, plays with him, shares his juice or milk, and last night, he took a bath with him. This is the stage of imagination and his is really working. I love to hear him talk to pooh. Sometimes it's just babble, but he'll show pooh his cars and trucks or say, "Pooh, I see Daddy".

Today we took a trip to Target to pick up a few things. We went down the toy aisle to pick up a gift and there was a "BIG POOH". Oh boy!! That's all it took. The look on Mason's face was priceless. I wish I could capture that moment forever. He was so excited. "It's Pooh, Mommy"....."I see Pooh!!" Smiling from ear to ear, he was about to jump out of the cart. Reaching for him, laughing. I gave him to Mason and he hugged him and said "Pooh". Of course, we had to buy him. Mason would have been devastated if not. Pooh could have been $50 and I still would have bought him. It was worth every penny to see the excitement in my son's face. Priceless...

I'm surprised at myself too. I've said that I wouldn't buy Mason a toy when we go into stores and especially not stuffed animals. First of all, I don't want Mason to think every time we visit a store he is going to get something, but this is actually one of the first times I bought it. Secondly, I'm not crazy about stuffed animals. They seem to carry germs and get dirty easily. I guess you can wash them, right?

So on the way home, Mason held on to pooh and talked to him the whole way home. He said, "look, pooh, I see a big truck". Every time I looked back, Mason was hugging Pooh and smiling.