Monday, August 29, 2011

Another milestone

Mason is becoming such a big boy. He wants to do most things by himself. Well, some things. Especially feeding himself or getting up on a chair. The new thing is eating at the table and sitting in a big chair.

I know it's time for a booster seat, but we'll have to find one that has a seat belt! HA! He wants to get up from eating, play a little, and then come back to the table. No way! It doesn't work like that Mason.

This is the "I don't want to sit down and eat my lunch face".

He is still such a good eater. I hope he stays this way. I know that children go through stages and he has, but for the most part he has always ate good. I mean, chocolate is a part of the food group, right?

We are still getting the hang of using a fork and spoon. Mason feels like he has accomplished so much if he gets the spoon to his mouth with food still on it. We make a big deal of it and say "YAY!!! Good job, buddy" and we all clap, including Mason.

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