Friday, August 12, 2011

24 Month Check up

Mason's check up went great! He's such a healthy boy and we are so grateful.

While we were in the room waiting on the doctor, I took some pictures. He had to open every drawer and check every inch of the room. Of course, we had to bring Pooh with us. Dr. Simpson was so good. He checked Pooh's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth too. Mason thought that was funny and laughed until Dr. Simpson checked Mason's mouth. He didn't like that at all. He is still trying to cut two teeth on top and they were a bit red and swollen. Everything else looked great!

Here are his stats:

Weight: 30 1/2 lbs. in the 72%
Height: 36 1/4" in the 80%
Head: 19 1/2" in the 66%

Mason is a very good eater. He loves fruit and we try to give it to him at every meal. Since he is so healthy, the doctor said there was no need for vitamins. Mason is drinking about 24 oz. of 2% milk and 16 oz. of juice (very watered down). Generally, he only drinks with meals, anything in between and he won't eat.

He passed his developmental milestones with flying colors. Some of the milestones include: running, jumping, putting 2 or more words into sentences, count to 3 (he can count to 10), follows commands (most of the time), recognizes shapes and colors (not so much the colors yet), draws a vertical line, and stacks blocks.

Mason is very social with other children and adults. He talks to everyone and calls all children "babies". He loves to play pretend, like talking on the phone. He loves cars and trucks and books. He still enjoys watching Blue's Clues and pretty much any show on Nick Jr. that involves music.

He loves to play outside (as long as its not to hot out). He just likes to walk around, picking up sticks and rocks. He helps Mommy pull weeds and put them in the bucket.

Mason is still an excellent sleeper and stays on the same schedule everyday. He's pretty much up by 7:30 every morning, takes an afternoon nap around 2 1/2 hours, and in bed every night by 8:00pm.

As long as Mason continues to be healthy and happy, our next checkup will be at 3 years.

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