Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

It's still hard for me to believe that I'm a Mom, Mother, Mommy, Mama, whatever Mason calls me. I'm just glad to be one to the sweetest little boy (most of the time). I have definitely been blessed with a wonderful child. It makes me scared to have another one. HA!

Me and Mom 2009

I had a wonderful weekend. Kevin did everything from cooking, laundry, changing diapers, yard work, etc. I was able to take a nap, enjoy a bath, and spend a relaxing weekend with my boys. I even got a gift. I new phone that is also an mp3 player with wireless speakers. Very neat. I can listen to music where ever I choose to in the house or outside. We'll be able to take it to the beach with us too! I have a feeling Kevin will be using it as much as me, but that's ok. :)

2010 (I hate my hair)

Thank you to my husband for making my weekend perfect.

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