Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A New Journey

Hey y'all! Yes, it's been a long time. I have exciting news to share. For the past few years, we have been casually looking at land. You know on the weekends when you just drive around or vintage shop with nothing in mind to buy.  Sunday's were spent driving around to pass the time.  Taking in the scenery. One day, not really expecting anything different. It happened. The birds sang, the light shined down...we were in awe. 😊  We drove by this beautiful piece of rolling hills, river birch trees, peace and quiet and plenty of room to breathe. We were in LOVE! We really thought we just won the lottery! 12 acres!!! It's all ours!

We couldn't be more happy with this purchase and we can't wait to get started. The first few pictures are back in February when we first purchased the land. The best part is we will only be 5 minutes from where we are now. 

I have a feeling the sunsets will be spectacular. I'm envisioning sitting on our front porch drinking my coffee enjoying the views.  

The next two photos were taken in April. The leaves are starting to cover the trees bringing even more beauty to our land. I am certainly grateful for all of the shade they will provide too. The summers can be brutal with the high temperatures and humidity.  

These last three pictures were taken just recently. The trees have filled in nicely and there is a lot of shade. There is also a lot of grass and weeds that we will have to deal with, but one thing at a time, right?

Make sure to stay tuned as we will be breaking ground very soon. I will share with you all of the details. House plans, where we are building, decor ideas, diy projects, and more.

Welcome to our Black Creek Homestead! We can't wait to share our journey with you! 

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