Saturday, March 01, 2014


Hey y'all!

I'm officially a soccer mom.  ;)

Back in January, I was looking for activities for Mason as I knew the Spring enrollment would be here very soon.  Mason really hasn't been introduced to sports much.  Of course, we play the occasional game of something in our yard.  Hubby and I are not athletic, to say the least, so when it came time to choose a sport, we left it up to Mason.  Between soccer and tee ball, well you can guess what he chose.  Secretively, I was screaming... tee ball, tee ball....

Honestly, we were not sure how excited he would be when it came time to actually go to practice.  Surprisingly, he was very excited.  At first, I think he was more excited to show everyone his new shoes!

He really did great at his first practice.  He listened and follow the directions.  And of course, our little social butterfly played well with others. 

He did great kicking the ball and passing it back and fourth to his coach and teammates.


And of course, no athlete is complete without the proper uniform and duffle bag. 

I mean really, how cute is he in this uniform?!  He said, look mommy, how did they know orange is my favorite color? 

Mason loves his new cinch sac.  He can carry it like a backpack and it fits him perfectly! 

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