Monday, March 31, 2014

Mobile March

Hey y'all!

Apparently now that I have a smart phone, I have forgotten all about my camera.  Actually I went to grab my camera the other day and it was d.e.a.d!  

At first, I wasn't a fan of the smart phone in fear that I would become addicted and well, maybe I am a bit, but it's so much more convenient than I thought!

At the end of February, Mason went to the dentist for the first time ever!  Yes, I know, he should have gone sooner, but knowing my son like I do, there is no way he would have had anything to do with it until now. 

What a big boy!! He did awesome!  He sat still, listened, and followed the directions.  So proud!

And the best part, no cavities!  The dentist said his teeth looked excellent.  Great news!  I'm so hoping he has his daddy's teeth.  Kevin has no cavities at all.  I have like 20!  Just kidding, only about 6, and a crown. 

Another big day for Mason....  

Registered for Kindergaren. Really, already!?  We are so not ready for this moment.  And judging by the picture, neither is Mason.  HA!

Are you seeing a pattern here?  Another first for Mason, Soccer. 

He seems to really be enjoying himself and we're having a great time watching him.  The games are too funny!

Guess what is happening soon?!

Preschool graduation.  YIKES!  It can't be.  Where did the last 2 years go?

I will be a hot mess on the day of graduation.  Get the kleenex ready!!


We've also been enjoying the weather.  We had a few days of 70+ degrees outside, so we made the best of it on the front porch.  This particular day it was almost 80 and Mason decides to wear this...

 Bruiser loves it too!  He will sun all day as long as it's warm out.  

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