Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Mickey's Boat ~ Our first couple of days

 Disney Cruise 2013!

Here we go!  Our first Disney adventure at sea!
Mason, really, had no clue what was coming his way.  Of course we showed him pictures of the boat and told him he would ride on the airplane, but really, no clue!

Our traveling experience was a nightmare, however, we were flying stand-by  which made it that much worse. 

It took us 36 hours to get from our front door to the ship in Galveston, TX!

We stayed overnight in a hotel in Atlanta.  I felt so bad for Mason. He had been waiting all day to get on the airplane and he broke down when we had to leave the airport and come back later.  

 Poor fella was so exhausted and confused (so were we). 

I have no idea how he is smiling.  It's 11:00 pm and we have been sitting in an airport since 10:00 am!

 Finally!  We go back to the airport the next day and we get on the first flight to Texas.  As Madea would say, Hallelujer! 

MASON WAS SO EXCITED!  His first plane ride was actually at 8:30 pm.  It was the last flight out that night and we HAD TO get on this one!


YAY!  We're here!  We are just waiting to board the ship!

 Off we go!  We're leaving the port of Galveston, TX.

As we set sail, the deck party begins! 

 We sailed the first 2 days which was nice.  After all of the traveling, we just wanted to relax.  And we did.  By the pool everyday.  Ate breakfast, went to the pool, ate lunch, maybe a nap, a show at night, and then dinner.  

It was a hard life!  HA!  And let me tell you, the Disney Cruise Line is the way to go!  They treated us like royalty!  I can definitely see another Disney adventure in our future.  It was worth every penny!    

 I have a lot more to come, including my tips and tricks of sailing with Disney!

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