Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hey y'all!  We're back from our fabulous vacation and I promise I will post about it later.  There are so many pictures to go through and I want to remember every detail, but I need to get my thoughts together.  

First of all, I just can't wrap my head around this...

I'm planning Mason's 4th birthday party!




 I'm just not ready!  Is that fair to say?  Where has the time gone?
This is our handsome little man!

He is stubborn, very active, opinionated, smart, witty, playful, spirited, lovable, and smiles all of the time! (Notice I listed stubborn first) HA!

He's talkative, friendly, and a Mommy's boy!

He says, his favorite color is orange.

He still loves his Pooh and now Mickey!

He is a big boy now and uses the potty for #1 and #2!  We're so excited!

He loves to help.  Especially cooking.

He still has an imaginary friend named Mason.  He doesn't blame him for things now, but he still has a 2 way conversation with Mason.

His favorite show is Team Umizoomi. 

He loves cars, trucks, and planes.

We are amazed everyday by the clever things Mason will say and by how much he has changed in 4 years.  

I pray for many, many more years of amazement with this little man.

We love him so very much!

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