Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Burlap Spring Wreath

 Hey y'all! I made a wreath.  

Well, I decorated a grapevine wreath. 

I love grapevine wreaths and this is actually the first time I've decorated one.  I generally just buy a wreath off the shelf, but I really didn't see one that I loved and the ones I saw were $40 +.  You know me.  I said, I can make one for cheaper and change it up with the season/holiday.

I'm going to show you exactly what I did and the materials I used.

First, this cute little 'K' I got from JoAnn Fabrics.  

Tacky glue I had already, but you can get this stuff pretty much anywhere.  I really like this glue because it is all purpose and dries clear.  Works great on fabrics too!

These cute little eggs are from Target.  I really didn't go looking for eggs, but I always check out the dollar area in Target and they there were.  I bought two packs $1 each and there are 8 eggs in each package.

I also got this burlap fabric from JoAnn's.  Again, I wasn't looking for fabric, but I always look through the fabric remnants.  This little bundle was there for $1.99.  It was not quite one yard and I thought.... surely, I can use this for something. 

Again, I'm really just picking up pieces here and there that I like and hope they come together in the end. 

I knew I wanted rosettes on my wreath.  So, the first step was making the rosettes.  

I rolled out my burlap remnant and folded it to make creases in the fabric.  Basically, this just gave me a guideline of where to cut the strips of fabric.  Burlap creases easily, so there was no measuring or drawing lines.  

Easy. Right?

I didn't measure, but I would say my strips of burlap were 16" long by 3" or 4" wide. It really doesn't matter.  Just keep in mind the longer and wider, the bigger your rosette will be.

Once I cut my strip of fabric, I folded it over twice to make cleaner edges and a fatter rosette.

Once the fabric was folded over, I tied a knot at one end.  The knot will keep the fabric together and make it easier to roll the fabric into your rosette shape.

Once the knot is tied, you can begin rolling.  Think of a cinnamon roll.  I just rolled and tucked until I had the shape I wanted. Once I got to the end of the fabric, I tucked in the last part to make a smooth edge.

The most important part of the rosette is gluing a piece of fabric to the back.  This will hold the shape of your rosette together.  Especially when using burlap.  It's a very rough and strong fabric, so this step will make a big difference.

I cut a square piece of fabric  (the size of the rosette) and glued it to the bottom.  Either side of your rosette can be the bottom.  Just choose the prettier side for your top. 

So, my square piece of fabric is now glued to the bottom. 

Now, just use scissors to cut the fabric to fit your rosette. 

There you go!  I actually made 3, but only have 2 in the picture.  By the way, your rosettes will be different.  You are making them by hand and rolling them, but it's ok.  That's the glory of handmade!  They don't have to be perfect.

Ok.  So now we have our rosettes....

Thank goodness because I think I just said that word (rosettes) like 100 times!  HA!

Alright, on to the next step!  

A snack!  Yep!  You must have a snack when you are working this hard.

I thought jelly beans was appropriate!  

Aren't they pretty?!  

The fun part.  Gluing everything to the wreath.

This is your creation. Use the colors you like!  Glue your rosettes (here we go with that word again) to your wreath. 

I only used three and I wanted them closer to the bottom/side.

Honestly, I laid all of my decorations on the wreath before I glued any of them. 

I did use a hot glue gun to glue my rosettes and eggs.

The letter K was tied to a string.  I used burlap garland to hang the wreath and letter and then just tied the bow.

I also added a butterfly I found at Carolina Pottery.  I found the butterfly in the floral department and it was on a wire stem.  I just cut the stem down to size and stuck it in the wreath.  I didn't bother gluing it.  I just bent the stem around a vine to hold it in the wreath.

There you have it.  My burlap Spring/Easter wreath.

Let's breakdown the cost:

Grapevine Wreath: $4.99
Burlap Remnant and Garland: $6.00
Eggs: $1.00
Butterfly: $3.00
Letter K: $3.00

Total {diy} Cost= $18.00 plus tax

Not bad, huh?

I did use a 40% coupon for the burlap garland.  It was originally $9.00.

Just noticed my door needs to be cleaned!  OOPS!

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Very nice diy. Thank you for the idea.