Thursday, February 21, 2013

Homemade Valentine

Hey!  I hope y'all had a nice {heart} day!  We did, but honestly it was more about Mason. Isn't it always about the children? HA!

I found a few cute homemade ideas this year that I really wanted to try.  So we started with our Valentine's Mailbox.  So easy.

Wrapped a cereal box in red paper.

Decorated it with heart stickers. 

Used a packing blade to cut a hole for the opening.

Wrote Mason's name on the box.

Using the same blade, we cut two holes in the side/top of the box for the handle.  Don't laugh...we used a nylon dog collar for the handle.  Hey! It worked!

Mason was so excited to take his box to school.  He said it was because his friends were going to put candy in it and then he was going to eat it all!  UMMM...NO!

Mason was most excited about making gifts for his friends.  It may have been because he ate the candy along the way.  He was a great helper. 

I just love these cute printable tags that I found here.

People are so generous to share their own designs for others to use for free! 

I used our photo printer, since it prints color, and printed them on white card stock paper.  Then cut them out and used the hole punch to punch out the circle.

We filled the cello bags with orange slices for the boys and apple gummy slices for the girls.  


On the back of the tags, we wrote, From: Mason.  He really isn't writing his name, but he held the marker and I helped him.

Once we wrote his name, he looked at it and said, that doesn't look right!  That's not my name!

 Mason put the ribbon through the tag holes and we tied up the bags.

He wanted to make Valentine's for his teachers too.  So we used the 'apple of my eye' tag and gave them an apple instead of the gummy apples.

You could totally use real apples or oranges as shown in the original post, but let's be real, most kids would rather have the candy.  

And we're ready to go to school!

I woke up V-Day morning to this cute little box.  Nope it wasn't jewelry.  I'm not a huge jewelry wearer.  

It was an ipod!  WOOHOO!  I'm loving this on my walks (which I haven't done lately)!  I kinda feel bad.  I only gave my love a card.  It's hard when you stay home and aren't actually bringing in a paycheck.  I feel like I'm buying him a gift with his money (even though he says it's our money).  

So anyway, Mason racked up as usual.  Cards and gifts in the mail and lots of good stuff from school. 

This kid loves getting mail.  He always wants to check the mailbox when he gets home from school.

See this face!  I told ya!  He loves mail!

He said, Hey! I got a card and an ice cream card (gift card to McDonald's).  


 Then he says, I got a green ticket! 

Kinda smart actually.  He said it was a ticket to ride the boat and the merry-go-round. 

He knows you have to use this to get the ticket to ride at one of our local parks.

Smart Boy! 

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Kristin said...

Those bags are so cute! And Mason is looking so big...