Monday, January 28, 2013

Interesting Fact

Hey y'all!  I have to say, I am completely floored by the number of folks who have responded to one of my posts.  

Last year in February, I shared a post about wire shelves in your pantry and closets.

Here is the post.  I'm amazed to say this tip has been viewed over 135,000 TIMES!!!  Oh my goodness!  I'm just a little (well, maybe not so little HA!) ole' Southern gal who is always looking for ways to make our home and life a bit easier. 

I will say we have added more tiles to our master closet as well.  We put our sweaters on the wire shelves and the wires were actually leaving marks on our sweaters. 

We added an extra shelf in our laundry room which is also next to the pantry.  So of course, we added the tiles here too.  I'm so glad, otherwise these extra appliances would not sit flat.  Now I don't worry about them tipping over. 

Some of your comments:

"This has got to be the best freakin' tip I've found on Pinterest yet. I bought tiles today and now my pantry's wire shelves are no longer sagging in the middle and everything is sitting up nice and straight. Pure genius!! Thanks!!"

"I am a remodeling contractor. I hate wire shelves and my clients hate them. This is a great idea!"

"What a great tip!! I'm featuring this today on my Tuesday's Tips!! Love you blog and I'm your newest follower. I can't wait to read more!" 

Thank you to those of you who have visited us and left comments.  I'm so glad we could help.  

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