Monday, August 06, 2012

Weekend Progress

Whew!  We had a 'working' weekend.  Mason spent some time with Grammy and Paw Paw while Daddy and I cleaned up some of the trees that fell from the storm.  

We were are exhausted.  At the end of the day on Saturday, we looked around and at each other, and said, "Wow. Did we do anything"?  

There is so much to clean up.  It is going to take more than one weekend, but we'll get it done.  We'll be in pain, but it will get done! HA!

Luckily, we live in the county, so we were able to burn the limbs and debris. 

We kept the fire going all day.  To bad it was 90 degrees instead of 60.  We might have enjoyed the fire a bit more.  

It seemed to have taken all day to get this little bit of fire wood.  Most of the work is getting the limbs off of the trees first before cutting it into logs. 

We were happy when Mason came home.  Free labor!  HA!  We put him right to work.  Of course we were happy to see him.  He loves being home!

Mason was helping us throw limbs into the fire and he asked, "do we have marshmallows"?   What?  Where in the world did he get this idea?  We have never roasted marshmallows with him.  He is so funny and smart!

I think being outside most of the weekend and having a bonfire, made us long for Fall.  Daddy set up the tent in the playroom.

 Mason was loving it!  We put our sleeping bags in there too.  They had a good ole' time.


"Hey Daddy, I'll be right back.  I need to get a flashlight".  Where does he get these things?  HA!

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