Friday, June 29, 2012

Show Us Your Life ~ Kid's Rooms

Today on Kelly's Korner, we are showing off our Kid's Rooms and as a bonus, I'm showing you our playroom too!

First, the playroom.  Can you tell we have a boy?  Eventually, we will move his playroom up to our bonus room (if we are still in the same house).  For now, we've turned our guest room into his playroom.  We never have guests anyway.  You can't see it very well, but the desk here used to be my desk as a child.  It was a light wood color.  We sanded it and re-stained it a darker color.  Came out great!

Mason actually picked out this wall art himself.  We were in HomeGoods one day, just looking around, and we came across these wooden plaques.  Super cute, boyish, and something that will last for a few years.  I just love them and the fact that they were only $5/each.  ;)

Of course, I had to incorporate green.  LOVE green!  I love this pattern too.  Wouldn't mind having throw pillows in this design.

We love our daily planner.  I still need to put a picture of Mason in it, but we try to look at it every day and talk about what we are doing.  I'm sure he'll have a better understanding of this as he gets older, but for now we look outside to see what the weather will be, we change the day of the week and what our activity will be for that day.  He has no idea of days of the week yet.  Every day could be Saturday.  That would be great, right?!

He loves to hang his art on the wall.  He's so proud.  Just a simple curtain rod with clip hooks.  

Lots of cars and trucks makes Mason a happy boy (most of the time).  HA!

Now on to his bedroom.  Honestly, there is not much different from his nursery to his room now.  There are only a few things that have been added since then.  

We added a 'library' with his beanbag.  He loves to look at books and especially loves to sit in his 'bag chair'. 

We took down the side rails of his crib to make a 'big boy' bed.  He loves it and has done great at staying in his bed.  I thought it would be an ordeal....putting him back in bed a hundred times. 

Did you notice the bumper pad?  We have a rocker.  He likes to rock back and forth and sometimes it is very hard, to the point, he was getting bruises on his back.  So, we had to put the bumper pad around this end of his bed.  Apparently, according to his pediatrician, he does this to soothe himself.  He has been rocking since he was able to sit up.  

When I was pregnant, I found this print on Ebay that matched his bedding (which I think, now it's discontinued).  I still love it!

Magnetic train from his Grammy and PawPaw.  Such a cute train!

I also ordered this block name set.  The letters are just vinyl stickers, but I was impressed at how well it turned out.  I have used these letters, twice now, for his birthday parties.

We have to keep this special book on the shelf.  It was given to him by his Aunt and Uncle.  It is personalized with his name and the names of some of his relatives.  I love things like this.  He will have this for years to come and can share it with his children.

One of the other items we've added are these paper laterns from World Market.  He calls them balls and wants to hit them every night before bed.  They added so much character to his room.

I hope you guys enjoyed the tour.  I'm looking forward to seeing your childrens room too.  Maybe I'll get some inspiration to update Mason's room to a 'big boy' room.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Next week, we will be showing off our bathrooms.  

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Natasha said...

My son turned three at the end of March and he would LOVE that beanbag chair. That is a great reading corner!

I also love the big lanterns hanging in his room and the daily planner. I've got to get Sam one of those.