Monday, March 05, 2012

Sports or not

Last Monday Mason started a pre-school sports class. There are only 3 classes that last 45 minutes each and is an introduction to a few different sports. Last week, he was introduced to soccer and football and this week was basketball and hockey.

Last week started out rocky to say the least. I thought we were going to leave before it started. Everyone sat in a circle so the coaches could explain what we were going to do. Well, not everyone. Mason didn't want to sit, or listen. He got up and ran around the gym. I'm thinking, great, Mason is going to be 'that child'. You know what I'm talking about. The one that screams, kicks, rebels, disrupts, etc. GOSH! I was so embarrassed. Finally, I just let him go, as opposed to making him sit with the group. He came back eventually and started participating.

These pictures are from this morning's class. Last week, I couldn't get out my camera since I was chasing Mason.

Before we left this morning.....Mason needed to watch some TV. :)

Today was better. He still has a VERY short attention span and doesn't listen well at all, but he's only 2 years and 8 months. Hopefully starting preschool in the Fall will help with these issues.

Here we go again. In this picture, all of the kids are lined up and one of the other parents is telling Mason to listen.

And again. He is running around doing his own thing. At least he had fun.

I promise Mason didn't hit this child. It looks like he did. But of course, he was swinging his hockey stick around not paying attention. At one point during his class, he ran over to me on the bleachers and said, "Mommy, I don't like Gym". I said, "Ok, buddy, go back and play with your group". And he did. HA!

This has been a great class. The coaches are patient and seem to have fun with the kids. This has been a great experience for Mason too. For his first experience of listening and following directions, I guess he did well. Like I said, at least he had fun and did go off in the corner crying.
I am curious to see if Mason has any interest in sports. Neither Kevin or I are athletically talented. HA!

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Khenry said...

The sports class looks so cute! I was going to do it but Frankie is so rebellious these days, I didn't want him to disrupt the clas lol! I am always the mom of "that kid" these days! See you soon!