Thursday, March 08, 2012

My sweet boy

We have been busy this week. The weather has been so nice that we have gone to the park twice with our group. This, of course, is in between my couponing strategy for the week. If I take Mason to the grocery store, I have to bribe him and say, we're going to the park after this.....HA!! Whatever works, right?! I'll have to share some of my deals this week (later post).

We have been trying everyday to get Mason on the potty. Some days we just ask him and he'll get right on, but MOST days he won't go near the thing! This is turning out to be a VERY slow process for him. We continue to do the same thing. Reward him and keep trying everyday.

I have been so thankful for our group. Knowing that you are meeting friends at the park or anywhere, is much easier than going alone. For some reason, it motivates me and gets me out of the house. Lately, Mason is much better going and doing things outside of the house. The longer we stay home, the more trouble he gets into. He is still very much in to everything. If he can reach it one the counter, he'll get it. If not, he'll get his 'stairs' aka, step stool. It's funny to watch him sometimes, but most times it gets very aggravating.

Mason is GREAT outside. He loves it. Playing, running around, sliding. He loves picking up rocks, sticks, and listening for airplanes or big trucks. The only time I dread is when it is time to go inside or leave from where ever we are at the time. He will kick and scream. I get so embarrassed. I'm sure it's normal and he'll grow out of it, but it makes me feel out of control. Today at the park, I tried giving him a 5 minute warning before we left. I know he is only 2 yrs. 8 months, but it seemed to work a little bit better. When it was time to go, I calmly walked over to him and asked that he say good-bye to his friends. It actually worked much better. He went to the few that were left and said, "Bye. I'll see you later." He did fuss a bit, but not near as bad as times before.

I know I'll miss these times when they are gone and that makes me sad, but the times he is throwing a fit can be overwhelming for me.

I love my sweet boy and most of the time, he is just that..... my sweet boy.

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