Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

Here we go. My first tip.

~Shower curtain liners~

I know, not very exciting, but let me share with you my findings on this subject.

Vinyl vs. Fabric Which is your choice?

My choice is Fabric, by a mile. Not only is this choice the most cost effective, but also environmentally friendly. You can read more here about 'how eco-friendly is your shower curtain'.

Let me do the math for you. So, the fabric liner (shown at the top) is at Target for $9.99 plus tax ($10.66). Of course, if you have a Target debit card, you can get 5% off.

Then we have the vinyl liner, also found at Target. This particular one is selling for $2.34 plus tax ($2.50). Now, here is where the savings come in. If you are using the vinyl liner, you will need to replace this every month due to soap scum, mold, etc., so now we have to multiply $2.50 x 12 = $30.00 (x 2 again if you have 2 bathrooms)

Bottom line, a fabric shower curtain liner will cost you $10.66 per year and the vinyl will cost $30.00. Your savings using a fabric liner is $19.34. Not and extreme amount of money, but I'll take the savings.

Keep in mind, these liners can be found just about any where. I only used Target for an example. And also, the fabric liners will need to be washed about every couple of weeks (depending on how often shower is used). The instructions say to only use non-chlorine bleach, but I use bleach (just a little) and they come out fine. I do, however, was them together with no other clothes or towels.

I hope this first tip didn't bore you too much. We'll see what I come up with next week. HA!


Madison's Mommy said...

I don't mean to be argumentative.. but why on earth would you buy a new vinyl liner every month, rather than simply cleaning it? I've found that with a single cleaning about every other month, a vinyl curtain lasts at least 3-4 years, if not longer. The only time I've actually had to throw them out is when I got lazy and went 6 months or so with no cleanings--then they got a bit stained.

In my experience with fabric ones, they need washed at least once a month, or else they get stained a lot more quickly.. and laundering just doesn't take the moldy stuff off of these the way that a bleach-based cleaner will off of a vinyl one, if it gets to that point.

Anytime I've bought curtains (and I've done both way).. a fabric curtain = $15-20+, more work to keep clean (plus I hate taking them down all the time), and don't last any longer. A good vinyl liner = $7 or so (don't buy the $2 ones, get one that is mold/mildew resistant), lasts just as long, easier and quicker to clean.

Just saying. <3 your blog so far otherwise. ;)

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comments. You must have had better luck with cleaning the vinyl liners with bleach than myself. Although, the bleach worked great on the mold/mildew, the soap scum still remained which grossed me out! HA!

You are right, you do have to wash the fabric liners once per month. I wash my two together with detergent and bleach on a quick cycle and then dry on a delicate cycle. They come out great every time.

I guess the bottom line is everyone does what works for them, right?

Thanks again for visiting my family.

By the way, do you have a blog? I couldn't find it.