Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Today's Deals

I got all of this for $27.....

....and here's how. I shopped at Lowe's Foods during the Super Double Coupon event. I had a coupon for each item purchased, so every coupon up to $1.98 was doubled. Some coupons were from inserts, some online, and some I got from a coupon swap with my Mom's group. Let me break it down so you can see the price per item.

Deerpark Sparkling Water x 2: FREE
Cooked Perfect Meatballs: $0.50
Duncan Hines Cake Mix: $0.95
Scope x 3: $0.99 (per bottle)
Rhodes Rolls: $0.99
Blue Diamond Almonds: $0.99
Wholly Guacamole: $0.99
Trident Gum, 3 single packs: $1.00
Febreze Set and Fresh: $1.09
Ken's Marinade: $1.09
Heinz 57: $1.49
Kleenex Hand Towels x 2: $1.99 (per package)
Cheerios: $1.99
Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee: $5.99 (Harris Teeter is cheaper, but too far for me)

I saved $41.54 using coupons and my Lowe's rewards card. I'm sure I will make another trip before the week is out, but you can only 20 coupons per visit per day.

Keep in mind, please know your stores coupon policy before shopping. If you aren't sure, ask. Most stores now except competitor coupons too. Also, make sure to pay attention when the coupons are being scanned. Sometimes you will run across a coupon that will not double (for some reason).

I would love to hear your coupon experiences. Leave a comment.

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