Monday, December 05, 2011

I want cake

For Daddy's birthday this year, I made a chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, and chocolate chips. Yes! He loves chocolate. The moment I made the cake and put it on the table, Mason's eyes lit up. Every second of every day, "Mommy, I want cake", "Mommy, I like cake", "Mommy, cake is good". Yes Mason, we all know you like cake. So, all week, we have all enjoyed Daddy's cake, especially Mason. Poor fella, it's like he's never had cake before. :) We all know that is not true.

Kevin had a nice birthday. At least, I hope he did. It's hard when you get older to just sit back and enjoy the day. We look around and see the chores that need to be done and can't relax. He actually took Friday off, only to work in the yard most of the day. He planned to power wash the house, but after realizing that it would take the whole day Friday and probably the whole day Saturday, we decided to hire someone to do it for us. Best decision ever. The guy did a fabulous job and we were able to enjoy the weekend.

Silly Daddy. He's trying to look like the guy on cereal box. This gift was just a joke. He loves Cap'n Crunch and I saw this Christmas special in Wal-Mart and had to get it. He got a lot of nice things for his birthday. Jeans, a couple of sweaters, shirts, and money.

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