Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Party like a toddler

Mason went to a couple of birthday parties here recently. One was back at the end of August for Savannah at Jumpin' Jax in Garner. It is one of those indoor bouncy type places. Thank goodness it was inside since it was still 90 + degrees outside.

Mason had fun, even though, he wasn't quite big enough for most of the play area. He always finds a way to make the most of any situation.

He ran around and played with the balls on the floor. He did get in one of the bouncy houses with Daddy, but he didn't like the bouncing part. Mason would much rather run around and play with the other children. He just LOVES kids. He's such a social butterfly. He must get that from me. :) And of course he ate ice cream and cake, one of his favorites.

The other party that Mason was invited to was for Savannah's brother, Jake, who turned 2. This party was at Centennial Park in Garner. A very nice park. We have never visited it before, but there was a nice big covered area for parties.

Once again, Mason had a ball. He ran around with the other children. He played with sidewalk chalk, balls, and we pushed him in the swings.

He wasn't interested in cake and ice cream this time. He just wanted to run around and play. We were so thankful for the weather. This was our first day of true Fall like weather. Even though it was dreary and damp, we loved it!

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