Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just a little, makes a difference

I've often thought of ways that I can make a difference. Mostly, in the way of volunteering; however, so far the opportunity hasn't passed by me yet. I know that having a child opens the door to many volunteer situations, but until the day comes where I'm called, I'll look for little things because little things can often make a huge difference in someone's life or even in your community. This morning, Mason and I made a difference and it felt great! We didn't have to leave this house. Just a simple click of a button. Here's how we did it!

While shopping at Wal-Mart yesterday, we picked up a few containers of yogurt. Not just any yogurt. We like the Dannon Oikos with the fruit on the bottom. Mason now loves it too! I noticed some of the containers had the bonus lid on them. The lid is for 'Give Hope with every Cup' to help fight breast cancer. Since this lid was a bonus, Dannon will donate 20 cents every time someone goes to this website: and enters the code on the lid. Dannon will donate up to $1.5 Million. That is amazing!

Mason says, "Ummm, it's good, Mommy"! Even though it was small, we made a difference and I hope you can too!

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