Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ready for Spring?

We've been busy the week. Started last weekend with our landscaping projects and now getting more organized upstairs in the bonus room. We can't quite get everything arranged like we like, but it's coming along. We did purchase a new filing cabinet and now have all of our things filed away. We keep forgetting that we have only been in this house for 7 months (almost). It takes time to get things in the right place.

I purchased a new coverlet set from JcPenney. You can look at it here! We bought the gold color. The set looks really nice and I hope that it looks as good in person. I really don't like to buy things like that online, but it wasn't sold in stores and I've been looking forever, it seems, for the right one. There is something about Spring that makes you want to organize, clean, make purchases, etc.

We haven't taken pictures of our landscaping yet, but here are some pictures from our visit with Nana and Papa.

Mason just adores 'his Papa'!!

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