Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend fun!

Nana and Papa came for a visit last weekend. They said they needed to get one more "Mason fix" before their trip to Mexico. Get ready Felipe', they're on the way, says Nana. We had lots of fun as usual. We ate kielbasa, homemade pierogis, and cabbage. A true Polish dinner.

We played outside (Mason's favorite). Nana and Papa brought Mason's tricycle from Christmas. We couldn't fit it in the car on the last trip. What a neat first bike! Mason seems to like it, although he wanted to give his ball a turn to ride too. What a nice boy. Already sharing.

The really neat thing about this bike is the tall handle bar comes off. Once Mason is able to ride on his on, you just remove the handles. Pretty neat, huh! There are even cup holders for the parents to put their drink and a compartment in the back for snacks. Very Cool!!

Thank you Nana and Papa. We'll have lots of fun with this new toy.

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